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319 BOXX Technologies, Inc.
BOXX is a cutting-edge developer and manufacturer of high-performance, high-bandwidth NT and Linux-based solutions, with products focused on DCC including film, HDTV, visual effects, and post production.
1437 Computer Graphics World
Computer Graphics World is a monthly publication on innovative graphics, technology, and applications. It explores how leading-edge graphic techniques including 3D modeling, animation, and visualization are used in interactive entertainment, special effects, digital video, and film. Free subscriptions available in booth.
2418 DISC, Incorporated
DISC is a leading manufacturer of automated library solutions for enterprise storage that enables fast access to imaging/data applications for both near-line and archival data storage.
1519 Hewlett-Packard Company
HP has an exciting mix of great graphics, the latest HP visualize workstations, leading software partners, and presentations from key customers.
2915 Kingston Technology Company
Kingston manufactures memory that delivers unmatched reliability, quality, and revolutionary memory technologies. Kingston also manufactures memory for today's leading DRAM and system manufacturers.
553 LEGASYS International, Inc.
LEGASYS International supplies a full line of Ultra 160 SCSI disk drives; DLT, DAT, and AIT tape drives; memory upgrades; CD-ROMS, and CD recorders; network or server attach RAID Arrays; fibre-channel RAID Arrays; and DVD-RAM or DLT and AIT tape library storage.
745 LinuxSC, Inc.
LinuxSC, Inc. develops, markets, and maintains cutting-edge Linux-based solutions for mission-critical business, engineering, and scientific applications.
226 Medéa Corporation
Medéa demonstrates its new low-cost VideoRaid SAN-Ready fibre-channel disk arrays. VideoRaid sustains 85 MB/second on Mac OS, Windows NT, and SGI systems.
2720 Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.
The Sun and SGI specialist. Workstations, systems, parts, peripherals, and upgrades. Sell, buy, rent, repair, and service. Six-month warranty. Call for a quote today!
1644 Optical Laser, Inc.
Optical Laser is a full-service distributor of digital video, mass storage, and document imaging solutions. We represent many premier product lines for DVD creation, mass digital storage, MPEG encoding, DVD authoring, non-linear editing, video archive storage, and video archive distribution.
2043 Quantum Corporation
Quantum Corporation is the single most diversified solutions provider in the storage industry, with leadership positions in both the fixed and removable storage markets.
1019 SGI
SGI's value-add computing solutions enable our customers to innovate within the core segments of their businesses, helping them stay one step ahead of the competition.
2402 Sierra Design Labs
As the worldwide leader in HDTV storage and workstation interface solutions, Sierra demonstrates Revival Digital, a resolution-independent motion picture restoration system, and uncompressed HD and SD storage solutions.
2619 System Upgrade, Inc.
System Upgrade enhances the throughput of your SGI system with high-performance "open" storage solutions: SSD, RAID, RAID-ready, LVD/160M, fibre channel SAN strategies and tape libraries. You can look to SUI for CPU and memory upgrades or complete SGI systems in addition to "Parts Care" support contracts.
1537 Texas Memory Systems, Inc.
The SAM-500 SSD (SDRAM memory) is a high-bandwidth SAN. It supports 3GBs of bandwidth for 16 simultaneous fibre channel or gigabit Ethernet interfaces (no latency).
3040 The3dshop.com
The3dshop.com has been a leader in custom-built 3D/DV workstations since the first generation of OpenGL and DV. Our products include 3Dlabs, Elsa, Matrox, E&S, Leadtek, and Canopus.
879 Workstation Users Alliance, Inc.
If you have SUN or SGI equipment, we have a hardware solution for you. WUA offers complete sales, repair, spare parts, system integration, and customized maintenance to meet your needs.
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