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This year, sigKIDS has made its focus to get involved with the local community and to branch out to a new audience.

In the Spring of 1999 discussions were begun between sigKIDS, Community Outreach, representatives of the local schools, and the Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans.

During the Fall of 1999, a group of high school students, from Benjamin Franklin High School, a public school in New Orleans, led by their teacher Paul Werner, began to work on a web site for sigKIDS.

Click here for info on theTech Team.

They will be onsite at the Convention Center working with
SIGGRAPHTV/Online to produce multimedia content for the web site. The web site will also contain the artwork and animations submitted by students and teachers from the US and Europe.

The web site will remain available for a year after the
conference ends.

sigKIDS will also be at the Louisiana Children's Museum. SIGGRAPH has arranged for them to be the recipient of 15 computers that were donated by a generous local corporation. This has enabled them to develop their first hands on lab for their attendees. In addition to being available during the week of the conference, these computers will remain at the museum for future use by attendees.


Marc J. Barr
Middle Tennessee State University

Mk Haley
Walt Disney Imagineering

Scott Lang
The Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology

Paul Werner
Benjamin Franklin High School

Sarah Roberts
Louisiana Children's Museum

Erica Hornung
Freelance Digital Skylarking

Guanping Zheng
Middle Tennessee State University

Brent Michael Walters
Middle Tennessee State University